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Burlington Plumbing and Heating before changing our name in 1960

Joe with his mother in 1960 just before his father changed the company name

In 1933, my grandfather started his own plumbing company with his two sons working with him. My dad was one of his sons that remained with the company under his name of Joseph J. Brancato Plumbing & Heating Company, in Everett, MA.

In 1960, my dad moved his family to Burlington MA and changed the name of the company to Burlington Plumbing and Heating. I took over the business in 1976 and shifted the business to commercial service work along with the residential. I carry eight licences with the State of Massachusetts.

We specialize in backflow preventers, fire sprinklers and installation of Grundfos booster pump systems, along with commercial and residential service work. We pride ourselves on being a family owned business and guarantee our work 100% as my family before me would have done.

Burlington Plumbing & Heating in Billerica MA

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    • Registered Plumbing Corp 1086
    • Master Plumber 8873
    • Retired number 5425
    • Fire Sprinkler Contractor 000442
    • Master Pipefitter Unrestricted PMU 002094
    • Journeyman Plumber 17573
    • DEP Backflow Preventer Testing 3802
    • NEWWA Backflow Prevention Device Inspector 1518
    • Oil Burner Technician BU-019921
    • Certified Carbon Monoxide
    • Combustion Analyst CO301912