Now is the Perfect Time to Review Your Plumbing & Heating System Needs

  • Environmentally Friendly Plumbing System Supports Your Company’s “Green” Initiatives & Policies
  • Money-Saving Plumbing Strategies & Preventative Maintenance Help You Avoid Costly Catastrophes
  • Compliance Inspections and Testing of Backflow Valves and Fire Sprinklers Keep Building Occupants Safe
  • Keeping bacteria and flu from spreading using Eco Power Sensor faucets and flushvalves

I want to call your attention to your mechanical systems  and offer specific recommendations that can potentially save your business a lot of money this year – and in years ahead.

This topic is relevant for at least four reasons:

  1. For lots of very good reasons, your company should have a “green policy” that includes your plumbing system. I would like to show you some of the latest smart plumbing technology and how it might fit with your company’s “green” initiatives. You may be interested in testing this new technology at your facility instead of flushing money down the toilet. 
  2. Request a meeting to discuss your plumbing, fire sprinkler systems, your needs for the upcoming year, and to learn how you can save a lot of money. While on-site, we are able to offer you a free 28-point inspection of your plumbing and heating system. Much like your company’s computer network needs attention, so does your plumbing and heating “network”. Call the office for details and to book an appointment.
  3. Call us to inquire about our special rates for commercial backflow services, fire sprinkler services, or toward “greening” your company’s plumbing system.
  4. Stop the spread of flu and bacteria from spreading using Eco Power Sensor faucets and flush valves.

Is your company “going green”?

Every business in America should participate in environmentally-conscious decisions. One simple thing that every company can do is to make their plumbing system more environmentally friendly. Employees and customers will appreciate it, and so will your CFO when your water bill actually goes down!

I am talking, specifically, about the faucet and toilet flushing technology in your facility.  Rather than taking you through all of the new technology here…call the office and we will set up an appointment to review it with you.

How does that cliché go?  An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Benjamin Franklin gets the credit for uttering this wise advice. It was true more than 200 years ago – and it’s true now for your business… You can prevent many of the common (and costly) plumbing and heating problems that haunt every business, including the spread of bacteria and the flu.

In all my years in the business, I find that most plumbing repairs could have been prevented. Faulty design, lack of proper inspections, improper testing and improper installations all increase your risk of catastrophic damage. Your insurance policy protects your business by funding repairs and replacements after damage has been done – but you have to take other steps to minimize risk and prevent these things from occurring.

Take us up on our free inspection of your system. I’d like to combine this inspection with a meeting to discuss your plans for the coming 12 months so we can plan to save you money and maintain the integrity and performance of your plumbing, fire sprinkler and mechanical systems.

Offer #1:  Save 15% on Automatic Shut-off Valve Installations

Here’s a smart “ounce of prevention” that very few businesses apply – and I am on a mission to educate all of our clients about the importance of an emergency water service shut-off.

Whether you need a panic button for people to easily access, a remote shut-off switch for a valve nobody can reach, or if you need new or additional shut-off valves installed our offer means you can save a bundle of money.

You should have your emergency shut-off valve wired to your alarm system so it can automatically shut down the water when you leave at night and turn itself on when you arrive.  This way there are no chances of water damage while you are away.

Offer #2:  FREE Backflow Prevention Systems Analysis

Your building has a backflow valve… and it requires an annual inspection. Cities and towns are overworked and may not get to enforce state and local codes, so you can roll the dice and hope they never fine you for being out of inspection. You should want to ensure that your backflow valve is working properly. A failed backflow valve, if out of inspection, may void your business insurance.

The DEP regulations require that you stock on-site repair kits for each backflow prevention valve, and that all valves be repaired within two weeks, if they had failed your town’s testing of that device.

We will inspect your backflow system and make recommendations. (Is it the proper valve and is it installed properly?) We will quote you up-front, flat rate pricing if your device needs repair, and apply a 10% discount on all repair parts and installations. We will also apply this discount to a repair kit that you should keep on-site for emergency service.

Offer #3:  Save 15 Percent Off All Fire Sprinkler System Repairs and Upgrades.

Are your emergency shut-off valves supervised? If they are not, you would have no idea whether your valves are open or closed. Supervising them guarantees your system is operable.

Are your flow switches or pressure switches also wired to your alarm panel? If one of your fire sprinkler heads ever go off either at night or on the weekend, and there is no alarm to the panel (and to the fire department), you’d be walking into a real mess the following morning. Installing a low air alarm or a dry system alarm will alert you before the system would trip inadvertently. Testing the efficiency of your fire pump on a yearly basis is also very important.Unless your insurance company has a copy of your fire sprinkler test they would not be aware you have a properly functioning system – and you would lose out on annual insurance discounts available to you.

As our client, we want your company to have the best possible plumbing and mechanical systems for your unique requirements. We want you to be safe, with everything in working order, and we want you to be able to take advantage of money saving plumbing technology.

Call our office now at 781-272-1238 to set up an appointment. We will follow up via telephone but be aware we have limited time on our schedule each week for this exclusive offer. We are always working to earn your trust and confidence, so please tell us how we can serve you better.