Commercial Plumbing Services

Burlington MA Commercial Plumbing and Heating Services

We are a family business with over six decades of expertise in Commercial Plumbing & Heating services. We stand behind all of our work and guarantee full satisfaction. We offer the following services:

  • Certified for the installation, testing and repair of Backflow Devices
  • Gas & Oil fired boiler installations and service
  • Drain cleaning
  • Fire sprinkler testing and repairs
  • Cla-Val Automatic Shutoff Valves Installations
  • Grundfos booster pump systems

I hold seven licenses with the State: Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Master Pipefitter,
Oil Burner Technician, Fire Sprinkler, Backflow Device Testing and Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analyst.
We are fully insured in Liability and Workers Compensation.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with your company. Please ask about our promotional $100.00 off
your first completed service call if you tell us you found us from our website.

Prevention Programs

  • 1. Does your company’s safety plan offer protection against a burst water pipe?
  • 2. Does Your Facility Have Back Flow Preventers?
  • 3. And Emergency Shut-Offs In Place?
  • 4. Is Your Fire Sprinkler System Due For Annual Inspection and are Emergency Shut-offs Supervised?
  • 5. Do key personnel know where shut-offs are and how to operate them in an emergency?
  • 6. Do you have an emergency plan in place to control a burst pipe in your building?

Backflow Prevention Systems Analysis

We want to earn the opportunity to serve your company, and we’re willing to conduct a thorough analysis and make specific recommendations for your system. The DEP regulations require that you stock on-site repair kits for each backflow preventer valve, and that all valves be repaired within two weeks, if they had failed your town’s testing of that device. We will quote you up-front, flat rate pricing if your device needs repair, and apply a 10% discount on all repair parts and testing.

Save on Fire Sprinkler Testing, Certification, and Upgrades.

We will conduct a free and thorough inspection of your fire sprinkler system. We will conduct a system performance test, document the results and file the required paperwork with your fire department (and the building owner). Upon completion, we will quote you on the price to test your system and review any violations or safety issues that arise. You will save 15% off the price of our regular testing rates through May 1st 2010. Why are we extending these money savings offers to you?

Pipe Freezing Services

Burlington Plumbing and Heating can isolate domestic water or heating lines without draining down a building. We simply freeze the line, isolate the problem, and make the repair. We have done this on lines as small as ½” all the way up to 4” copper or steel piping. This innovative process eliminates time consuming drain down and refilling of the system. With heating systems it eliminates the need to purge the air out of all the heating units, a major benefit in the middle of the heating season when you cannot afford to be without heat in the building – for the day, or through the night.

Wet Tapping

Burlington Plumbing and Heating can perform wet tapping of your existing plumbing, heating, or cooling system without costly drain downs and refilling time. We’ll get your system back to it’s operational state quickly. We simply install a mechanical tee and tap the line. If you need to install a new water line for an emergency shower, or if you need water service for a new bathroom, it can be accomplished without even shutting down your main. The end result is you will not have to experience weekend shut-downs for system work, and your building will not have to go without water during the project.

Drain Cleaning

We provide complete drain cleaning services for our residential and commercial customers, servicing drain lines from 1.25 – 10 inches in diameter. Emergency services are available. Water line jetting and sewer line camera services are also available. In addition to traditional drain cleaning services, we also offer environmentally safe preventative treatment to ensure proper drainage. Click here to learn more about BIO-CLEAN or to order a trial package.

OFFER #1: Save 15% on Automatic Shut-off Valve Installations

Whether you need a panic button for people to easily access, a remote shut-off switch for a valve nobody can reach, or if you need new or additional shut-off valves installed our offer means you can save a bundle of money. You should have your emergency shut-off valve wired to your alarm system so it can automatically shut down the water when you leave at night and turn itself on when you arrive. This way there are no chances of water damage while you are away.

OFFER #2: Save on Water Usage and the spread of germs

Installing sensor type Toto faucets and flush valves helps save water and eliminates the spread of germs. See our newsletter about Going Green in our Blog.

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    • Registered Plumbing Corp 1086
    • Master Plumber 8873
    • Retired number 5425
    • Fire Sprinkler Contractor 000442
    • Master Pipefitter Unrestricted PMU 002094
    • Journeyman Plumber 17573
    • DEP Backflow Preventer Testing 3802
    • NEWWA Backflow Prevention Device Inspector 1518
    • Oil Burner Technician BU-019921
    • Certified Carbon Monoxide
    • Combustion Analyst CO301912